17 Things to Throw Out When You Move

Of all of the tasks you need to finish before you move, packing is the one of the most stressful. You may wonder how you managed to collect so much clutter under one roof and how you’re going to put it all in boxes. The good news is that you don’t need to pack it all. Now is a fantastic time to throw out items that are cluttering up your home and your life! Pro Tip: As you’re going through your belongings, take each item into consideration and ask yourself, “Do I have room for this in my new home? Where will I put it? Have I used it in the last year?” These questions will help you prioritize what really needs to move with you.

Unused Small Kitchen Appliances

Do you have a bread maker or deep fryer gathering dust in your pantry? If you’re not using it now, you won’t be using it in your new house. Clean, working small appliances may be able to be donated — otherwise, pitch them out!

Kitchen Utensils, Dinnerware, & Glasses

This is the perfect time to discard all of your mismatched cutlery, mugs, glassware, and dishes. Start fresh with new sets in your new home. While you’re at it, take a look at your cookware. This is a great time to grab some new pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

The Old Plunger

You might be surprised at how many people pack up everything — from the toilet brush to the plunger. It’s unsanitary to transport these items to your new location. Toss them!


It’s time to throw out half bottles of lotion, shampoo, and facial cleanser. Did you buy five because they were on sale and never used them? Jettison those, too!

Old Files

We all have drawers or boxes of old paperwork. Digitize what’s necessary to keep and dispose of the rest. If any of your files contain financial or confidential information, shred before discarding them.

Old Tech

Do you still have the old family laptop laying around? A tablet that nobody uses? Old cell phones? Don’t bother taking them with you. Save any relevant information or photos to cloud storage and recycle the electronics appropriately.

Worn Furniture

Has your sofa seen better days? Ask yourself the questions in the first paragraph of this article. Chances are, you’re going to want new pieces to complement your new spaces. Off to the dump with the old stuff!

DVD Player

Almost anything you want to watch can be streamed. Old home movies can be digitized and saved in the cloud. You’ll be glad to have your TV area uncluttered.

CD Player

Another piece of antiquated equipment that can be tossed. Make more room in your home by using streaming services for music and tossing out the old CD collection.

Art & Décor

Update your décor when you move. This is your chance to embrace new styles, colors, and trends.


Depending on their age, your rugs may be pretty worn out. And you’ll probably be choosing new paint colors, so you’ll want to find rugs to match. Out with the old and in with the new!


Do you use all of your lamps regularly? Bring your favorite desk lamp, but the others can go. You’ll see where you need lighting once you’re moved and you can buy accordingly.

Clothes & Shoes

Moving offers a great opportunity to go through your closet and donate clothing and shoes that you no longer wear. By donating, you help others, and you can claim the donation on your taxes.


This is also a good time to toss old sheets and blankets that are worn out. Will you be using that comforter or duvet in your new bedroom? If not, there’s no reason to pack it up.

Holiday Décor

Depending on how you decorate for holidays, you may have a glut of decorations. Weed out the ones that have no sentimental meaning or that you never use. If you don’t use them now, it’s likely you won’t use them in your new home.

Household Chemicals

Packing up bleach, lawn treatments, paint thinner, or other household chemicals is just inviting a spill. Rather than risk damaging any of your belongings or exposing anyone to toxic fumes, fires, or other hazards, dispose of chemicals appropriately. Check out the EPA website for guidance.

Before you start packing, rent a dumpster to discard items you aren’t taking with you. Call Oaks Dumpster Rental at 866-649-6257 or book your dumpster online today!