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How to Remove Waste from Your Construction Site

Construction sites generate a lot of debris. Instead of adding things to a pile to be dealt with later, plan ahead for disposal of your construction waste. Read on to discover ideas for keeping your site organized and debris removed.

Donate Unused Materials

Have you considered donating your leftover construction materials? Habitat for Humanity ReStores accepts new and gently used building supplies such as unused lumber, lighting fixtures, fencing, bricks/blocks, flooring, doors and windows, kitchen cabinets, and more. Check for charitable organizations in your area that may accept donations of building materials.


Items that cannot be donated should be considered for recycling. Make an environmental impact by examining the debris you have left. You may be able to recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, masonry, asphalt, wood, appliances and fixtures, and metal. Check with your local recycling center to find out what they will accept. If you plan in advance, you can store these items separately and donate them during cleanup.


The easiest way to get rid of items that you cannot donate or recycle is to rent a dumpster. Rather than creating a large pile that may be in the way when you’re working or making multiple expensive trips to the waste management center, acquiring a dumpster is as easy as a telephone call. Oaks Dumpster, with locations across Upstate New York, will deliver a dumpster, sized for your needs, directly to your site. We’ll place it where you want it — out of your way but convenient to reach — and when it’s full, we’ll come and pick it up. It’s a simple solution to the construction waste problem. We encourage you to recycle what you can and donate as many leftover materials as possible to reduce your carbon footprint. We are happy to drop off a dumpster for whatever’s left! Just call 585.225.OAKS.
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