Dumpster Do's & Don'ts
Renting a dumpster may be a little intimidating to some, but it's not as difficult as one would think. A little research and planning will prevent surprises that could have been avoided. Follow the best practices below and everything will run smoothly.

  • Know What Size You Need
    Check out the sizing guide on our FAQ's page
  • Know the Timeframe
    Know when and how long you need the dumpster for and how quickly it will be filled up.
  • If Needed, Get a Permit
    Dumpsters located on city-owned property WILL need a permit.
  • Know Hidden Costs You May Face
    Overtime, overfill, overweight charges can occur unpredictably. Make sure you know them upfront.
  • Order by Category of Waste
    If you have heavy debris or a LEED-certified construction site, you will want haulers to treat your order differently than a standard rental.
  • Know the Limitations
    There are a number of variables that will impact how and where a dumpster is dropped off. This can include inclines, soft ground, public walkways, trees.
  • Choose a Dumpster on Square Footage Alone
    Heavy construction debris can quickly exceed the weight capacity of a dumpster before it is even half full.
  • Do Not Depend on a Swap Out
    Swap outs are not guaranteed to come immediately and can cost as much as the initial dumpster rental.
  • Assume the Dumpster Will Fit
    Make sure your desired drop off area allows for truck access and room to drop off and pick- up.
  • Overfill the Dumpster
    An overfilled dumpster is a hazard to anyone in reach. The dumpster contains materials that can fall out and cause damage to the hauler or people in the area.
  • Add Waste that Doesn't Belong
    You can’t put just any item in a dumpster. The obvious being hazardous waste, but other items like mattresses and food don't belong there either.
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