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Is It Time for a DIY Yard Makeover?

Upgrade your outdoor living space! A yard makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little lighting, furniture, and DIY effort, your yard can look amazing.

Instant Appeal

A great place to start your yard makeover is with a DIY deck or patio. Either will make your yard more comfortable and add to the resale value of your home. Spruce up the finished project with a pretty outdoor rug. This is a great way to add a pop of color and you can easily change the look with a new rug each year! Be creative with new furniture. Find a neutral color scheme that will enhance your accent rug. You can adapt the look with brightly colored cushions. Lay pavers or use bricks to create a pretty path from your patio to the pool or playhouse in your yard. Add flowers, shrubs, lights, or decorative garden stakes along the path for added zing.

Made In the Shade

Provide shady seating on your patio or deck by building a pergola. Add some curtains for privacy and more shade options. Pergolas are also perfect for hanging string lights for a “starry night” impression or acting as a trellis for climbing roses or other plants.

Elevate Your Fence

Is your backyard fenced in for a dog, kids, or privacy? Make your wood fence into part of your backyard’s charm! Install shelves for vertical planters along the fence or paint a brightly colored mural with a theme that matches your deck or patio décor.

Add a Fire Pit

Not interested in building your own firepit? There are several out there that are gorgeous and budget friendly. Check at your local garden or swim and leisure stores.

Flowers in Color

. The easiest and most flexible approach to adding colors to your new backyard haven is to add flowers. Choose flowers that grow well in your region and that flower during different times of the year. This will guarantee that something is always blooming and adding color to your yard.

Cleaning Up

When your backyard has become a beautiful oasis, you’ll naturally have some cleaning up to do. A 12 or 15-yard dumpster is usually the right size for some old furniture, yard waste, and other debris. Call 866-649-OAKS to rent a dumpster today!
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