6 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster

6 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster

Whether you’re cleaning out an attic, doing renovations, or emptying a house for downsizing, your job will likely produce a lot of trash. Rather than piling it up in preparation for garbage day, or multiple garbage days, you could have the junk hauled away at your convenience. Residential dumpsters from Oaks Dumpster Rental might just be the best thing about your job or project.

Dumpsters Are Efficient

Piles of waste or multiple garbage containers can get in the way during your project. Usually, you end up storing the debris in your garage until garbage day, only to move it again to the curb. Why move things twice? With a dumpster, you have one central place to throw everything out. There’s no need to move the trash for disposal because the dumpster rental company will take care of that for you.

Dumpsters Are Safe

Piles of trash or handling things twice can lead to tripping or accidental injuries. By renting a dumpster, sharp items like nails or metal are discarded safely and only handled once. If you have hazardous waste, please talk to your dumpster rental company about disposal.

Dumpsters Keep You Motivated

You won’t want to procrastinate and put off a job if you have the dumpster on hand to do it. You’re basically tied into seeing your project through to a fast end because you don’t want to pay for the dumpster for months at a time! Rent your dumpster and commit to a timeline for your job.

Dumpsters Are Budget Friendly

Once you’ve decided that you want to be efficient, safe, and motivated, you may be asking what this will cost. The good news is, with Oaks Dumpster Rental, the pricing is very reasonable. Some rental companies charge exorbitant rates, but we are very affordable. Check our pricing pages for your location.

Dumpster Rental Is Better Than Junk Removal

When you’re doing a clean out, it’s tempting to hire junk removers to just come in and take everything — but you risk losing things you meant to keep, and you’ll spend a lot more money for the service. With a dumpster, you can take your time to sort and throw out only what you’re sure you want to discard.

Dumpsters Come In Multiple Sizes

Depending on the job you’re working on, you may have a different amount of junk. Oaks Dumpster Rental carries dumpsters of 12-40 cubic yards, so we have something for everyone. And if you fill your dumpster before you’re finished, just call us and we’ll offer a solution. Whether you're cleaning a basement, remodeling, or throwing things out to downsize, we have dumpster the right size for you. Call 585-225-6257 (OAKS) for more information.
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