Spring Cleaning During a Pandemic

Spring Cleaning During a Pandemic

It’s been a heck of a year. As we work our way towards spring, our annual cleaning will, like everything else during this pandemic, look a little different. Not only will we be scrubbing things down and airing things out, we’ll also be dealing with the junk we’ve accumulated along our COVID-19 journey. If that junk gets to be too much, call Oaks Dumpster Rental at 1-866-649-6257, and we’ll help you get rid of it!

Where Did This Come From?

Between sheltering-in-place, quarantining, working and schooling from home, and avoiding friends, family, and other humans, we have been spending a lot of time at home. During the past year, many of us have accumulated a lot of… stuff. Whether it’s toys to entertain the kids, new furniture, or just everyday debris, our houses seem to be overflowing.

Working from home is continuing to be more the norm than the exception, so the effort you put into a home office was definitely worth it. It’s no longer a temporary space. That means it’s time to toss out whatever you displaced to make the office area, whether it was old furniture or a spare bedroom set.

Did you fix up a dedicated study space in your child’s room? That probably involved moving around some bookcases or other furniture. Even when they return to full-time school, they’ll need a place to do homework, so this was definitely a good idea… but is their room overcrowded with the items you had to move to get a desk and chair to fit in?

Spring is a good time to take a look at what has happened in your home over these pandemic months and consider what should stay and what should go. Get rid of things that are no longer needed and are making your home feel crowded and messy. 

And don’t just look at the big things. Do those commemorative plates from IHOPs across the country still bring you joy? Take this opportunity to clear out the clutter!

Extra Cleaning During COVID

Once you’ve removed unused furniture and other rubbish, it’s time to give your home a deep cleaning. You know the routine. Move the furniture and vacuum underneath. Wash the windows. Clean the floors. But this year, let’s add a few extras — things we might not normally think of, but thanks to coronavirus, we really need to. Disinfect these high-traffic items during your spring cleaning and again if anyone in your home becomes sick or exposed to COVID-19!


Remote controls, touchscreens, keypads, and other electronic items… When was the last time you cleaned them? Control passing germs when you pass the remote by cleaning these items according to manufacturer's instructions. If the instructions are not available, disinfect with alcohol-based wipes (remember, products need to be at least 70% alcohol to be effective against coronavirus) or bleach wipes, and dry thoroughly.


Grab those wipes or cleaners and go through your house wiping doorknobs and drawer handles. Don’t forget cabinet handles, faucets, shower doors, and refrigerator and oven handles. These are probably the most frequently touched areas of the home, so let your spring cleaning be a kickoff to a regular doorknob cleaning schedule!

Light Switchplates

When’s the last time you cleaned the light switches in your home? The lamp switches? Well, now’s the time. Wipe these down as you go room-to-room wiping door knobs!


Kitchen counters may get regular wipe downs, but are they disinfected? Germs from not only hands, but mail, grocery bags, newspapers, backpacks, purses, and other items end up on this commonly used surface. Disinfection depends on what your counter is made of, so be sure to check for manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning that won’t harm the surface.


If you have kids, you know that toys get filthy. Kids put them in their mouths or wipe their noses on them. Gross, but true. Toys should be tossed in the washer, dishwasher, or hand washed with soap and water and disinfected with a safe cleaning solution.


Disinfection is the key to keeping COVID-19 at bay. Use either a solution that is at least 70% alcohol, a diluted bleach solution (? cup of bleach to a gallon of water), or use an EPA approved household disinfectant. Do not mix cleaning agents.

Be sure you wear disposable gloves when disinfecting. The chemicals are harsh and are likely to irritate your skin.

Your Clean House

Regular spring cleaning, with some COVID-related disinfecting, will ensure you have a clean, healthy home. If someone in your home becomes ill with coronavirus or is exposed to COVID, keep the disinfectants handy and wipe down those surfaces that are high-traffic for germs as needed.

Be sure to keep Oaks Dumpster Rental in mind when you need help disposing of debris from spring cleaning!

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