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Are You Recycling Everything You Can?

When you choose to recycle you are giving an item a new purpose — and keeping it out of the landfill. Are you doing your part? Choosing to recycle in your daily life and in bigger-impact ways such as cleaning out a home or taking care of debris from a renovation project, makes a huge difference in our environment. Oaks Dumpster Rental has some advice on your recycling plan.

The Usual Suspects


Paper is the easiest item to recycle. Simply toss your paper, magazines, books, notepads, newspapers, and cardboard into your recycle bin. Simple, right? But, somehow 25% of waste in landfills is paper! Start recycling paper at home and in the workplace so that recycling companies can turn it into pulp for other uses.


Aluminum is used in drink cans, aerosol cans, foil, pots, and more. Make sure to clean out the cans and remove any plastic lids before putting them in your recycling bin.


In 2018, 27 million tons of plastic ended up in landfills. Plastic takes between 500 to 1,000 years to decompose. Take your recyclable beverage cans that have deposits to your local grocery or returnable beverage container redemption center to get your deposit back. For non-deposit bottles, containers, and other plastic waste, use your recycle bin or take it to your local recycling center.


Of the 10 million metric tons of glass that is disposed of annually in the US, about 33% gets recycled. In contrast, many European companies have a 90% recycling rate. Do your part by putting unbroken glass objects you are getting rid of in your recycle bin.

Other Items You Can Recycle


When you throw your old computer, printer, phone, tablet, television, or other electronic device in the garbage, it will sit in the landfill and release heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, and mercury. Instead of adding these toxins to our environment, contact your waste management or recycling center to find out how to dispose of electronics properly.

Used Oil

Another item for your recycling center is used oil. This can include engine lubrication oil, gear oil, or lawnmower oil, among others. Used motor oil can be re-refined into new oil, processed into fuel oils, or used as raw material for the petroleum industry.

And More Recycling!

Visit the Earth911  recycling database to search more than 350 materials that you can recycle. The database provides information based on what you want to recycle and your location. Find out where to drop off clothing and accessories, furniture, construction debris, and more near your home or office.

If you’re taking on a large cleanup of a garage, a remodeling project, or renovation, Oaks Dumpster Rental has the roll-off dumpster for your needs. Call 866-649-6257 or contact us today!
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