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The History of Dumpsters

You know what a dumpster is — a large waste container that is delivered, filled, and picked up again to haul away refuse. But do you know where dumpsters got started? Oaks Dumpster Rental is proud to present a peek at the humble beginnings of dumpsters.

It All Starts With George Dempster

George Dempster, born in 1887 to Scottish and Irish immigrants, formed a construction company in Knoxville, TN, in the early 1930s with his brothers, Thomas and John. In 1935, George patented his invention that used a hydraulic hoist to lift large, shallow buckets and transport them. By combining the word “dump” with his name, he coined the word dumpster.

It isn’t known if George Dempster envisioned his invention as a means to collect garbage, but his timing was spot on. Disposable packaging was on the rise and the volume of refuse was increasing. Dempster’s dumpster was the solution to sanitation officials’ problems. In 1937, Knoxville became America’s first “Dumpster City.” It was a practical answer that allowed one driver to haul away what would have taken several men to deal with. The containers were fully enclosed and billed as vermin and insect-proof, as well as fire and scavenger-proof.

The Dinosaur Dumpster

In 1958, Dempster introduced the first roll-off dumpster, the Dinosaur Dumpster.

Today’s Dumpsters

Modeled after the Dempster Dinosaur, our trucks today are available to anyone. Whether you own a business, are taking on a DIY home improvement project, or are doing a home clean-out, there’s a dumpster to help you complete your job easily — and cleanly.

If you need a dumpster for your home or construction site, call Oaks Dumpster Rental at 866-649-6257.
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