Spring Cleaning Tips for Today

Spring Cleaning Tips For Today.

It's been a heck of a year. As we work our way towards summer, our annual cleaning, like everything else during the pandemic, looks a little different. Not only will we be scrubbing things down and airing things out, we'll also be dealing with junk we've accumulated along our COVID-19 journey.

Where Did This Come From?

Between sheltering-in-place, quarantining, working and schooling from home, and avoiding friends, family and other humans, we have been spending a lot of time at home. During the past year, many of us have accumulated a lot of... stuff. Whether it's toys to entertain the kids, new furniture, or just everyday debris, our houses seem to be overflowing.

Working from home is continuing to be more the norm than the exception, so the effort you put into a home office was definitely worth it. It's no longer a temporary space. That means it's time to toss out whatever you displaced to make the office area, whether it was old furniture or a spare bedroom set. 

Did you fix up a dedicated study space in your child's room? That probably involved moving around some bookcases or other furniture. Even when they return to full-time school, they'll need a place to do homework, so this was definitely a good idea... but is their room overcrowded with the items you had to move to get a desk and chair to fit in?

Spring is a good time to take a look at what has happened in your home over these pandemic months and consider what should stay and what should go. Get rid of things that are no longer needed are are making your home feel crowded and messy. 

And don't just look at big things. Do those commemorative plates from IHOPs across the country still bring you joy? Take this opportunity to clear out the clutter!

Take On That Garage

Up for some exercise and fresh air? Then now's the perfect time to clean out and organize that garage!

As they tend to collect a considerable amount of dirt, dust and grime, you should begin by emptying the garage, then sweeping out and hosing down the area. As you're filling it again, go through everything and decide what you want to keep, sell, donate and throw away. Sort things by category and plan out where you want to store different item groups. 

Utilize shelves and hang things to create vertical space. Consolidate similar items, like Christmas decorations, into larger bins. Get creative with your containers - old paint cans, gum or mint containers and filing cabinets can all hold smaller trinkets and tools. 

Don't Forget the Dumpster

Dumpster rentals are a great choice for spring cleaning projects that will take place over several days. A container allows you to accumulate waste little by little, without any strict time constraints. Simply toss everything into your bin. Once it's filled, have it hauled away - it's that easy. 

Questions about what size dumpster is right for you? Or what's allowed in a dumpster? Oaks Dumpster Rental is always here to help. We can help make your spring cleaning easier this season by supporting you in the ways that matter. Focus on getting your home in order and leave the logistics to us, Give us a call at 1-866-649-6257 today!
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