The 7 Easiest Steps for a Perfect Basement Cleanout

The 7 Easiest Steps for a Perfect Basement Cleanout

Your basement can serve many purposes: It may be your man cave, a family entertainment space, an extra room for visitors and guests, or even an in-law suite. However, more commonly, the basement ends up as a dumping ground for unused household junk rather than a space for friends and family. Figuring out how to fix up a messy basement can be intimidating. To avoid becoming overwhelmed at all of the decluttering that needs to be done, focus on one thing at a time and follow these steps to achieve the clean basement of your dreams.

1. Create a Plan to Tackle the Basement Junk

It may be tempting to just jump into cleaning your basement right away but that’s a quick way to become even more overwhelmed and burn out. Starting is often the hardest part but once you plan your course of action, it’ll make matters much easier. Consider when you have free time and what part of the basement you want to clean out first, then work in sections; don’t try to tackle it all at once. Setting a specific time to start cleaning may be helpful.

2. Keep Your Purpose for Tidying Up in Mind

Why are you cleaning out your space? Are you planning to remodel your basement? Do you want to make it into a mini movie theater for your family? Are you planning on throwing parties in your newly decluttered basement? Maybe you want to turn it into an unconventional bedroom or office space. Whatever it may be, remember your plans as you clean. This will help you better prepare for your basement’s future and also keep you more motivated.

3. Simplify Your Downsizing Process With Sorting

While the primary goal may be to get rid of your basement junk altogether, you want to approach that in an organized way. Try setting up a different box (or designated space) for what you want to donate (or sell), what you need to trash or recycle, what you need to relocate, and what you want to keep. If you want to be even more organized, you can take those boxes or piles and break them down further into what to donate versus what could be sold and what items can be recycled versus simply thrown away. If you need more time to think about what to do with an item, make a space or box for that too.

4. Take a Page Out of Marie Kondo’s Book

Decluttering can be the hardest part of your basement cleanout. It’s time to consider what you want to keep and what it’s time to part with. It can be a difficult decision, especially if you find old mementos and former special items along the way. Try the Marie Kondo approach: if it doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to let it go.

5. Organize Everything That’s Left

Once you’ve taken care of all of the junk and items to donate, it’s time to figure out where to put the things that you’re keeping. This may require more shelf and storage space and a little bit of creativity for homes on the smaller side. Think of all of the empty spaces in your home; walls, for example, or even ceilings. There’s types of shelving built for all sorts of space-saving solutions and if you still can’t find a place for all the stuff you’re keeping, you might want to consider decluttering even more.

6. Deep Clean Everything

Once your basement space is empty, you’ll want to really clean it. Vacuum those floors (and walls and ceilings if needed), clean any carpets, and dust every corner so your basement is just like new again. Then, you’re ready to start working on your dream basement!

7. If All Else Fails, Consider Professional Junk Removal Services

If you find yourself overwhelmed even after following these steps or your basement is just too messy for your family to handle it on their own, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of professional cleaning services that can help you organize your house and declutter your basement. Consider giving them a call; they may have more helpful tips and tricks to help keep your basement clean well after the initial cleanout is over with.

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Author | Jen Burton, General Manager
Oaks Dumpster Rental